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WildCat Oilfield Services provides drilling optimization to the MENA area since 2002.
We are organized to serve the oil & gas sector by associating with quality vendors of specialized drilling services and specialty drilling fluid additives.

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With a 50 plus strong staff members, the WildCat Oilfield Services works out of Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Tripoli, Benghazi, Muscat, Al-Khobar, and is now reaching out to West Africa and Pakistan, India and Iraq. With strong association with local agents we are present in 14 oil producing countries in the area and have started to take the WildCat services into North and South America in addition to the North Sea and Australia.

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Welcome to Wildcat Oilfield Services! It is my pleasure to receive visitors to our website. Apart from providing background on our organization, our capabilities and the services that we provide, the website will give visitors a brief insight into how we have evolved over the years into what we are today.

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Larabi Noura, CTF-5, Tunisia

Wildcat Engineer had shown very good attitude & Performance


Dennis Ackerman ,LR-5 DSV, Oman

Service man did a good job. Kept information of issues. Ensured drillers were trained & understood the unit


Merl D.Wiggins , Rig PA-575 Sr.Foreman, KSA

I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated how you accomplished your job without any delay or detraction to our operation. You were very professional in the manner in which you worked and present yourself


Chris Linnet, DPS-43 Rig Manager, KSA

Service from Wildcat is very good, I am fully satisfied


Alexey Legostaev, Directional Driller, GSF-127, Qatar

I'd like to recognize very good working condition and performance of Wildcat equipment and personnel servicing it on Transocean 127 rig which continuously contributed to a very good performance while drilling campaign on BD platform and helped to achieve excellent results


Mohamed Hossny, Drilling Rep, EDC-8, Egypt

I want to express my gratitude to the Wildcat service hand performance on the rig, as I get fast response for a service call as the next day the service engineer promptly turned up on the arranged time and the system back to work efficiently and he proceeded to train the drilling crew. I was impressed by the service and performance, i would have no hesitation on recommending this engineers services to any of my colleagues in the industry


Kevin Mcgee, Drilling Rep, EDC-41, Egypt

With the professional service hands we have got in the rig whenever we need to train the drilling crew or doing periodic monthly service for the tool. I would have no hesitation to recommend this service to any drilling rig I work with


Josit Bot, Rig Manager – MB-108, Oman

Appreciate the Wildcat service engineers who visit our rig and also calling every time about the status of the Wildcat unit and make the prompt service


Kamal Deiri, DSV - Al-Ghallan Rig, UAE

I really appreciate the support from the service team as before 24 hrs. The engineer was on the rig site to do the service required and trained the drillers


Tool Pusher – Challenger 36

I used the DriLWeL EDS while drilling 12/4’’ section on Well SI-31and found it capable of applying the WOB accurately and consistently. I can say that it is a very helpful tool to free up the drillers time for other critical tasks and reduce Non productive time and improve the ROP


DaleDyck, Baker’s senior liner hanger engineer

with my first experience with this (SRS) shoe, I could say that The Smart Reamer Shoe will add a lot of value in running the casing/liner as it will greatly increase the possibility to reach the casing TD, especially in the problematic formation


Hussain Al-Salim, Nabors Rig 210 Manager

I have been to the rig floor at the last 200 ft of the liner where the WOB increased many times; also we faced around 40 feet of fill at the end of the section before reaching the bottom. The Smart Reamer shoe did a good job, and by reciprocating the liner for few times we passed those 40 ft fill and reached TD. It is an effective tool

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